6.3. Integrating Zotero in LibreOffice#

To be able to insert citations and bibliography in your documents, you will need to install the Word Processor Add-in.

6.3.1. Installing Word Processor add-in#

To install the add-in in LibreOffice:

  1. From the main menu bar of Zotero, select

    Edit ‣ Preferences (Fig. 99).


    Fig. 99 Viewing Zotero preferences#

  2. In the Zotero Preferences dialog window that opens, click on the Cite tab.

    Now, click on the Word Processors tab to select it.

    Click on the Install LibreOffice Add-in button (Fig. 100).


    Fig. 100 Installing LibreOffice Add-in from Zotero preferences#

  3. The Zotero LibreOffice Plugin Installation wizard will now open (Fig. 101)


    Fig. 101 Zotero LibreOffice Plugin Installation wizard#

    Click on the Next button to proceed.

  4. Click on Manual Installation in the select LibreOffice installations dialog window (Fig. 102).


    Fig. 102 Click on the Manual Installation button#

  5. A file browser window will open, with the directory set to the location of the add-in file — Zotero_OpenOffice_Integration.oxt (Fig. 103).


    Fig. 103 File browser open with location of the Add-in file#

  6. Double-click on Zotero_OpenOffice_Integration.oxt.

    This will open LibreOffice Extension Manager, with a prompt requesting if you would like to install the add-in.

    Click on the OK button to confirm (Fig. 104).


    Fig. 104 Click on the OK button in LibreOffice Extension Manager#

    The add-in will now be installed (Fig. 105).


    Fig. 105 Zotero LibreOffice Add-in installed successfully#

    If you restart LibreOffice, you will notice the Zotero toolbar in the main window (Fig. 106).


    Fig. 106 Zotero toolbar in LibreOffice#

You can now start inserting citations and bibliographies in your documents.