7.6. Activating more features using plugins#

These are some plugins included with Zim:

Insert Symbol

— insert special symbols and characters

Table of Contents

— adds a widget displaying the current page’s table of contents


— add tags to your notes

Tray Icon

— adds an icon to system tray for quick access to your notebooks

Spell Checker

— adds support for checking spelling

You will need to activate (or enable) them in preferences, before you can start using them.

7.6.1. Enabling a plugin#

To enable a plugin:

  1. Select Edit ‣ Preferences

  2. Click on the Plugins tab

  3. Check the box corresponding to the plugin you wish to enable (Fig. 124)

  4. Click on the OK button


    Fig. 124 Enabling plugins#


Some plugins have additional options.

Click on the Configure button below the plugin description to access these options.