7.4. Taking notes#

The Home page is the main page of a notebook.

You can start typing your notes here. Zim saves changes automatically.

7.4.1. Basic text formatting#

Formatting text in Zim is similar to that of word processor programs.

You can use the Format menu bar entry and select the desired option (Fig. 111).


Fig. 111 Options for formatting text#

Keyboard shortcuts#

Alternatively, you can use keyboard shortcuts to apply formatting to your text.

For example:

Bold : Ctrl + b

Italic or Emphasis : Ctrl + i

Superscript : Ctrl + Shift + p

Subscript : Ctrl + Shift + b

For headings, use:

Heading 1: Ctrl + 1

Heading 2: Ctrl + 2

Heading 3: Ctrl + 3

Heading 4: Ctrl + 4

Heading 5: Ctrl + 5

7.4.2. Inserting images#

To insert an image, you can select the following option from the menu bar:

Insert ‣ Image

In the dialog that opens, browse to the directory containing your image and then select the image (Fig. 112).


Fig. 112 Insert image. Check Attach image first option#

Check the Attach image first option. This will copy the image to your notebook directory.

Click on the Open button to insert the image (Fig. 113).


Fig. 113 Image inserted into current page#

Resizing an image#

If you would like to resize the image, right-click on the image and select Edit Properties (Fig. 114).


Fig. 114 Edit image properties#

In the dialog window that opens, change either the Width or the Height of the image to the desired size and click on the OK button (Fig. 115).


Fig. 115 Change the width or height of the image#

The image will now be resized (Fig. 116).


Fig. 116 Resized image#

7.4.3. Adding more pages#

To add more pages, select the following option from the menu bar (Fig. 117):

File ‣ New Page


You can also right-click on a page in the Index view and select the New Page Here option.


Fig. 117 Adding a new page#

Enter a name for the page in the New Page dialog window (Fig. 118) and click on the OK button.


Fig. 118 Enter a name for the new page#

The new page will appear in the Index view (Fig. 119).


Fig. 119 Newly added page#

Adding subpages#

A subpage will be placed under an existing page.

To add a new subpage:

  1. Select an existing page in Index view

  2. Select File ‣ New Sub Page from the menu bar

  3. Enter a name for the page and click on the OK button

7.4.4. Deleting or renaming pages#

To delete or rename pages, you can right-click on the page and select the desired function.