7.5. Exporting notes and notebooks#

To export the notebook or a page, select:

File ‣ Export

In the dialog window that appears, select the desired option and click on the Forward button (Fig. 120).


Fig. 120 Export notebook#

In the next screen, you can select the format of the exported notebook or page in the Format drop-down box (Fig. 121).


Fig. 121 Select an export format#

You can leave it at the default — HTML. Click on the Forward button to proceed.

In the final screen, select a directory to save the exported notebook or page.


If you are using the defaults, it is a good idea to create a new output directory and select it under Output folder.

Click on the OK button complete export.


Fig. 122 Select an output folder#

When complete, open the output directory in file manager.

Double-click on Home.html to open it in the browser (Fig. 123).


Fig. 123 Viewing exported notebook#