2.4.6. Transferring files between systems#

One useful feature of Files is the ability to connect to remote systems using protocols like SSH, FTP, SMB and Webdav. Once connected, you can transfer files from your Linux desktop to the remote system or vice-versa.

To connect to a remote system, use the following menu entry in Files (Fig. 36):

File ‣ Connect to Server


Fig. 36 Connect to Server option in Files#

Connecting to an SSH server#

Open File ‣ Connect to Server and follow the steps below (Fig. 37):

  1. In the field corresponding to Server, enter the domain name or IP address of the server you are connecting to

  2. Port 22 is the default for SSH, so you do not need to change that usually

  3. From the Type drop-down box, select SSH

  4. Under Folder, you can specify a directory (optional) to open, once connection is successful

  5. Enter the username and password of your account on the server

  6. Click on the Connect button


Fig. 37 Connecting to an SSH server#

Once the remote directory is open in Files, you can start transferring files from your desktop or vice-versa.