2.4.5. Accessing the root filesystem#

To access the root filesystem (/), click on File System in the sidebar of file manager (Fig. 35).


Fig. 35 Click on File System entry to access the root filesystem#

Directories under / and their functions#


­— stores configuration files of applications


­— contains home directories of users


­— locations where devices like external disks will be mounted i.e., made available


­— home directory of root user (administrator)


­— temporary files created by applications


­— applications and libraries are installed here along with their data and documentation


­— storage for log files, application cache, databases etc.,

Root file system and root home directory are different#

/ is the root filesystem#

All users on the system can access files and directories here, provided they have the appropriate permissions.

/root is home directory of root#

Only root will have access to it.