2.3.3. Text Editor — create and edit text files#

The Text Editor can be used for working with files in plain text formats like .txt, .md and .fasta, or editing configuration files like .bashrc (Fig. 24).


Fig. 24 Text Editor with Document Statistics and Preferences windows open#

Using Edit ‣ Preferences, you can customize settings like the font used, display of line numbers, indentation, word wrap etc.,

The Tools ‣ Document Statistics feature is useful for counting the numbers of words and characters in a document.

Opening hidden files in Text Editor#

To open hidden files in Text Editor:

  1. Use File ‣ Open to select a file

  2. In the Open Files dialog that appears, right-click in the middle pane and select Show Hidden Files (Fig. 25).


    Fig. 25 Opening hidden files in Text Editor#

    You can also use the Ctrl + h keyboard shortcut.