2.3.1. Files — manage files and directories#

Files is the default file manager (Fig. 22) in Linux Mint.


Fig. 22 Main window of Files#

Using Files#

You can launch Files from the Applications Menu or by clicking on its icon in the Panel.

These are some tips on using Files.

Toggle icon and list views#

You can quickly switch between Icon and List View using icons in the toolbar.

Toggle sidebar#

You can open the sidebar view or hide it using icons in the status bar.

Open an extra pane#

You can open an extra pane using:

View ‣ Extra Pane

This is especially useful when you are copying files between local directories or when connected to remote systems.

Bookmark locations#

When you are browsing a directory, you can bookmark it if you will access it frequently. This function is available under:

Bookmark ‣ Add Bookmark

Connect to servers#

Files can be used to connect to external servers using FTP, SSH, Samba and Webdav. This option is available under:

File ‣ Connect to Server

To learn more about this feature, read the following section in this book: Transferring files between systems.