3.1.2. Finding and installing software#

To demonstrate the steps involved, I will install PyMOL — a software for molecular visualization. You can follow the same procedure for finding and installing other software available in the repositories.

Open Software Manager by clicking on its icon in the applications’ menu (Fig. 38).

You can also launch it from the Administration section of the applications’ menu.


Fig. 38 Click on Software Manager in applications’ menu#

When launched, you will see its main window (Fig. 39).


Fig. 39 Main window of Software Manager#

In the search bar, type pymol.

In some time, packages in repositories that match the search term i.e., pymol, will be displayed below (Fig. 40).


Fig. 40 Search results for pymol#

Click on the first result — Pymol. You will be taken to the package description page.


Why not select Python3-pymol?

The description of the second result, Python3-pymol indicates that it contains Python 3 modules for working with PyMOL, which is not what we are looking for.

If you are unsure, you can read the complete description of the package on the next page and confirm if this is the package you would like to install.

In the package description page, click on the Install button (Fig. 41).


Fig. 41 Click on the Install button to install this package#

An dialog window will now appear, prompting you to enter your password.

Type in your password and click on the Authenticate button (Fig. 42).


Fig. 42 Type in your password and click on the Authenticate button#

Installation will now proceed.

When installation is complete, you will notice two buttons — Launch and Remove, in place of the Install button (Fig. 43).


Fig. 43 Installation complete. Notice the Launch and Remove buttons#

Click on the Launch button. This will open the PyMOL program (Fig. 44).


Fig. 44 Main window of PyMOL#

Alternatively, you can search for the application in the Applications Menu and launch it from there.


For applications that do not have a graphical user interface, the Launch button will not be present.

If the program includes any commands, you can access them in a terminal session.