3.2.2. Searching for a package on PyPI#

Open PyPI website in a web browser.

In the Search projects field, enter the name of the software you would like to install and press the ENTER key or click on the search button (Fig. 54).


Fig. 54 Searching for a package on PyPI#

A list of packages matching the search term will be displayed (Fig. 55).


Fig. 55 Search results for biopython. 1.78 is the version number.#

Click on the result to proceed to the project description page.

In the project description page, find the package name (Fig. 56) in the pip install command.

In this case, it is biopython.


Fig. 56 Project description page for Biopython#


You will need to use pip3 instead of the pip command in the steps below. Why?

You can now proceed towards installing the package.