3.3.3. Searching for a module on CPAN#

Open MetaCPAN website (https://metacpan.org) in a web browser.

In the Search field, enter the name of the module you would like to install and click on the Search the CPAN button.

I will use David H. Ardell’s FAST package as an example. (Fig. 59).


Fig. 59 Searching for a module on MetaCPAN#

This should display modules matching the search term — FAST (Fig. 60).


Fig. 60 Search results for modules#

If you click on the appropriate module name, you will be taken to a description page, where you can learn more about the module (Fig. 61).


Fig. 61 Module description page#

On this page, you can also verify the module name to use in the next step.

To do that, click on Install Instructions under TOOLS menu in the sidebar. This will open a pop-up window with information on the module name you need to use with the cpanm command.

In this case, the module name to use, is simply called FAST (Fig. 62).


Fig. 62 Module install instructions for FAST#

You can now proceed towards installing this module.