5.3. Registering a user account#

On the Galaxy home page, click on the Login or Register link in the navigation bar (Fig. 87).


Fig. 87 Click on the Login or Register link#

You will be taken to the login page.

Click on the Register here link at the bottom of the page (Fig. 88).


Fig. 88 Click on the Register here link#

On the Create a Galaxy account page, type in your email address, a password and its confirmation, and a public name (Fig. 89).


This user account is not related to your accounts on usegalaxy.org or other Galaxy servers.

It exists only in your local instance of Galaxy. You can also ignore the notice at the top of the page, which does not apply to local instances.


Fig. 89 User account creation page#

Click on the Create button to proceed.

If account creation was successful, you will be logged in and redirected to the home page of your Galaxy instance.